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1 Specification


  • digest size: 256 bits
  • max. message length: < 264 bits
  • compression function: 32-bit message block, 52 byte state

Lars R. Knudsen, Christian Rechberger, Søren S. Thomsen - The Grindahl Hash Functions
In Proceedings of FSE, LNCS 4593, pp. 39-57, Springer, 2007
[Electronic Edition] [Bibtex]
Author : Lars R. Knudsen, Christian Rechberger, Søren S. Thomsen
Title : The Grindahl Hash Functions
In : In Proceedings of FSE -

2 Cryptanalysis

2.1 Best Known Results

The best collision attack on Grindahl-256 was published by Peyrin. It has complexity of about 2112 hash evaluations. There are no known preimage-style attacks.

2.2 Generic Attacks

2.3 Collision Attacks

Thomas Peyrin - Cryptanalysis of Grindahl
In Proceedings of ASIACRYPT, LNCS 4833, pp. 551-567, Springer, 2007
[Electronic Edition] [Bibtex]
Author : Thomas Peyrin
Title : Cryptanalysis of Grindahl
In : In Proceedings of ASIACRYPT -

2.4 Second Preimage Attacks

2.5 Preimage Attacks

2.6 Others

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