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1 List of Hash Functions

On this page you can find a collection of existing hash functions.

Collection of Cryptographic Hash Functions

2 Notation and Definition

3 Generic Attacks on Hash Functions

4 Some How Tos

4.1 Working with maths and Tex

We can write "normal" latex equation by using the math class. For instance the following code

{\textbf x}_{t} = {\textbf f}({x}_{t-1},{u}_{t-1},{p}_{t-1})

is displayed as

<math> {\textbf x}_{t} = {\textbf f}({x}_{t-1},{u}_{t-1},{p}_{t-1}) </math>

In order to use tex commands from the amsmath package we use the class amsmath. Automated numbering of equations works within a single amsmath environment. The class amsmath uses the tex template defined in /var/www/html/mediawiki/extensions/wikitex/

I changed the template such that we can define global commands. The template looks like

 % we can define whatever comments we would like to use for consistency.
 % of course we have to somewhere list this special commands (may be we can use
 % a pop up with editiing help or somkething similar
 % for instance:
 \newcommand{\rs}{\ensuremath{\gg}} %right shift >>
 \newcommand{\ls}{\ensuremath{\ll}} %left shift <<
 \newcommand{\rr}{\ensuremath{\ggg}}  %right rotate >>>
 \newcommand{\lr}{\ensuremath{\lll}}  %left rotate <<<

For instance:

code fragment displayed equation
 a = \sum_{i=0}^{n}{2^i}
%value% in tex-template is \begin{equation}...\end{equation}

If we start a new amsmath environment then the equation numbering starts from counter=1 again. Start a new amsmath environment:


as we see both envrionments start with 1.

Note: to refer to an equation we will have to use a wiki link ...

If we use math inline then we have the following possibilities:

  • Best know attack: 263 by Wang using html:
  • Best know attack: math by Wang using amsmath
  • Best know attack: <math>2^{63}</math> by Wang using math

I think the first case looks best regarding the inline alignment. So I would suggest to use html for powers.

4.2 About different skins

Every user can define his own skin. Nevertheless, it turnes out the the skin influences the alignment of inline amsmath environments. If we use the standard skin, namely MonoBook (default) then the alignment is pretty ok.

therefore, I suggest to keep this skin as default.


5 Getting started

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