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Your submission is not on this list? Drop a line at sha3zoo@iaik.tugraz.at to let us know!
Your analysis is not mentioned? Drop a line at sha3zoo@iaik.tugraz.at to let us know!

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The SHA-3 Zoo (work in progress) is a collection of cryptographic hash functions (in alphabetical order) submitted to the SHA-3 contest (see also here). It aims to provide an overview of design and cryptanalysis of all submissions. A list of all SHA-3 submitters is also available. For a software performance related overview, see eBASH. At a separate page, we also collect hardware implementation results of the candidates. Another categorization of the SHA-3 submissions can be found here.

At this time, 55 out of 64 submissions to the SHA-3 competition are publicly known and available, and hence take advantage of early external cryptanalysis. 51 submissions have advanced to the first round (so far, 13 of 55 published submissions have been broken).

Recent updates of the SHA-3 Zoo

Hash Function Name Status External Cryptanalysis
Abacus 1st round broken
ARIRANG 1st round none
AURORA 1st round none
BLAKE 1st round none
Blender 1st round none
Blue Midnight Wish 1st round yes
Boole 1st round broken
Cheetah 1st round none
CHI 1st round none
CRUNCH 1st round none
CubeHash 1st round yes
DCH 1st round broken
Dynamic SHA 1st round none
Dynamic SHA2 1st round none
ECHO 1st round none
ECOH 1st round none
Edon-R 1st round yes
EnRUPT 1st round broken
ESSENCE 1st round none
FSB 1st round none
Fugue 1st round none
Grøstl 1st round yes
Hamsi 1st round none
HASH 2X submitted broken
JH 1st round yes
Keccak 1st round none
Khichidi-1 1st round broken
LANE 1st round none
Lesamnta 1st round none
Luffa 1st round none
LUX 1st round yes
Maraca submitted broken
MCSSHA-3 1st round broken
MD6 1st round yes
MeshHash 1st round yes
NaSHA 1st round yes
NKS2D submitted broken
Ponic submitted broken
SANDstorm 1st round none
Sarmal 1st round yes
Sgàil 1st round broken
Shabal 1st round none
SHAMATA 1st round yes
SHAvite-3 1st round none
SIMD 1st round none
Skein 1st round none
Spectral Hash 1st round yes
StreamHash 1st round broken
SWIFFTX 1st round none
Tangle 1st round none
TIB3 1st round none
Twister 1st round yes
Vortex 1st round yes
WaMM 1st round broken
Waterfall 1st round none

Your analysis is not mentioned? Drop a line at sha3zoo@iaik.tugraz.at to let us know!