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1 Spezification

<bibtex> @MISC{nistBentaharPSSS06,

 author = {Kamel Bentahar and Dan Page and Markku-Juhani O. Saarinen and Joseph H. Silverman and Nigel Smart},
 title = {LASH},
 howpublished = {NIST - Second Cryptographic Hash Workshop, August 24-25},
 year = {2006},
 abstract = {We present a practical cryptographic hash function based on the Miyaguchi-Preneel construction, which instead of using a block cipher as the main component uses a modular matrix multiplication. Thus as the core component it uses a compression function which is closely related to the theoretical lattice based hash function considered by Goldreich, Goldwasser and Halevi. We show that by suitable parameter choices we can produce a hash function which is comparable in performance to existing deployed hash functions such as SHA-1 and SHA-2.},
 url = {}

} <\bibtex>

2 Cryptanalysis

2.1 Best Known Results

2.2 Generic Attacks

2.3 Collision Attacks

2.4 Second Preimage Attacks

2.5 Preimage Attacks

2.6 Others